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‘I have worked with Stevie a handful of times over the course of 3-4 years and each time has been a spectacular artistic experience. He is always professional, hands-on, and he loves to collaborate on concepts - usually taking our ideas above and beyond what I even dared to imagine they could be. I love shooting with Stevie and hope to continue to for years to come!’ - Dessa

‘Stevie is a favorite of mine to work with as he takes me on adventures to abandoned places I love. Friendly, caring of my safety and privacy when shooting on location. All around blast and joy to shoot with’ - Jessamyne

'My first shoot ever was with Steve and it was for his 'Ostium' series. A potentially physically demanding and intimidating first shoot was an absolute delight. Steve was extremely welcoming to myself and my fiance who tagged along (due to it being my first shoot ever and me having jitters and anxiety), but I was comfortable right away. I struggle with self consciousness regarding my body and Steve gave great direction that left me feeling confident about the shoot. The final photos were amazing and thoughtfully picked. Working outdoors and/or in abandoned locations is fun and collaborative. Steve is considerate of variables like temperature and comfort and continuously checks in with the model to ensure they are doing okay, if they need a break, etc. He is very courteous and respectful in terms of boundaries. I feel like I've known Stevie for much longer than two months! I was lucky to have his help and support starting out as a new model' - Lucy

'Stevie is so wonderful to work with! He is a great communicator. In the weeks before we shot together, he clearly communicated what themes we were doing, outfits, and locations so on the day of the shoot, everything flowed smoothly. I really appreciated how he had a clear vision of what we were after and found an amazing location for it. The photos turned out beautifully! Stevie also really impressed me with his professionalism. He was extraordinarily respectful of me as a model and made me feel completely safe the entire shoot!' - Ahna

'I have assisted Stevie on dozens of photo shoots over the last eight years. Stevie approaches his shoots almost as group projects, making sure everyone has a say and is comfortable moving forward. I think that’s one of the best things about working with him: he makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger than a few photos. His imagination and creative vision are only second to his adaptability; I have seen him get in the same murky water as a model. Stevie is a laid back guy who wants to make some cool art, and I’ll never say no if he asks for my assistance!' - JL

'When Steve first asked me to shoot, I was so excited. Seeing his work, I was flattered he wanted to include me in it. Since then we have shot a bunch of times and he's become one of my favorite photographers to collaborate with. He always makes me feel comfortable: whether I'm freezing cold on the floor of an abandoned building or posing in a stinky swamp. It's worth the effort because I'm always amazed at the photos from our adventures. I'm so glad to know Steve and call him my friend!' - Sherri

'Working with Steve is a treat; every time we get together to shoot it’s an exciting meeting of the minds. He has an eye for finding beauty in the macabre and really bringing out the individuality in each model he works with. His work far exceeds the original spark that fuels it and I can honestly say I’ve never walked away from a shoot feeing anything less than empowered and anticipating our next collaboration' - Creeps

'Stevie is the most punctual, professional and most accommodating artist I’ve ever worked with. The finished product is always above and beyond expectation. He's a true master at his visions' - Crimson Gospel

Steve is an absolute sweetheart and joy to work with! He’s one of my favorites because we share a similar creative vision and always produce breath-taking images. He’s always so adventurous and willing to try new things that you throw out there, which makes it feel like a true collaboration. To me, Steve really knows how to honor the feminine in his work and that’s something I really appreciate. I love how easy he is to talk to and get along with; it makes him comfortable to be around and work with. Not to mention trustworthy and reliable when it comes to getting your photos to you. Some of my favorite experiences are making the trip to his place because of what a great host he is. He always makes you feel right at home. At this point I’m just going to visit a friend and make art with them. I would recommend Steve to anyone that wants to work with someone who is easy going and likes making raw, sometimes messy, and powerful art! You will leave feeling like a bad ass goddess that can do anything! - Summer

Stevie is a very talented, professional photographer with an artistic eye for the unconventional and macabre. His particular photography style resulted in many beautiful, unique additions to my portfolio over the multiple times which we worked together - Sarah

When I first started modeling two years ago, one of the first people I ever shot with was Stevie. This was the first nude shoot I had ever done with a male photographer; he was so professional and made feel very confident and comfortable. It led me to want to create more. I highly recommend working with Steve - his work is truly unbelievable. He pays attention to small details and is unlike anyone else I've ever seen. His Ostium project was one of the funnest shoots I've ever done - Sam

Stevie is one of my favorite people to work with! Every shoot we've had together has been wonderful and I'm always more than happy with the end result. He is very easy to work with, professional and ultra creative. He has great ideas, is always open and communicative about his visions and creates a true collaborative experience. I highly recommend working with Stevie if you want to create something beautiful and different - Kirst

I've been working with Stevie for years now, and he's still one of my favourite co-creators. He's also someone I'm glad to call a friend as well. He always brings lots of ideas and great creative energy to every project, and there's never a dull moment working with him. A consummate professional, he has always made me feel safe and welcome to explore any weird ideas we can come up with! If you've been considering booking with Stevie: do it. Whether you're a first time model or a seasoned professional, you'll get great shots and have a fun time doing it - Rant

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